Retrato Dulce Armenta


Dulce Armenta is a mexican designer who studied textile design at the Universidad Iberoamericana CDMX and at the ESDI Escuela Superior de Diseño in Barcelona. After working in the sportswear and denim industry, in 2016 she established her project of the same name, Dulce Armenta Swimwear.


We believe in slow fashion. Our goal is creating timeless pieces that will overcome momentary trends and transient fashion. We try to encourage conscious consumption and local productions.

The design process as well as production is made in Mexico City. We work with meticulous care on confectioning each and every one of our garments.


We aim to create high-quality garments with the best quality materials. Feminine and energetic pieces transmitting elegance through simplicity.

Female body is always our main focus and greatest inspiration. We believe in the beauty and power of a woman’s body and therefore we try to complement it with simple silhouettes and solid colors. Subtle and natural sensuality.